Magazines, Covers and Centerfolds… OH MY !!!




Naturally busty babe, Isis Taylor, is a young starlet quickly rising in the adult industry ranks. She signed with LA Direct Models on November 14 2009.

A captivating mix of Peruvian, Israeli and Scottish heritage, Isis brings the best physical features from multiple ethnicities together to form an absolute knockout look. With her sultry brown eyes, olive complexion and mouthwatering 34C-26-39 figure so readily displayed, she will have you spellbound.

The sexy Scorpio is an adventurous bi-sexual from Woodland Hills, California who grew up with friends in the industry. Once she was old enough and free to make the decision, Isis dove head first into porn and has been loving the exhibitionist life ever since.

check out: www.penthouse.com; www.twitter.com/IsisTaylor; www.ladirectmodels.com

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