Q & A with Siri

L.A. Direct News sits down with lovely new starlet Siri to discuss her burgeoning career in the industry.

L.A. Direct News: When did you start in the adult industry?
Siri: I started in February, with my first shoot being for Reality Kings, and the scene was with Voodoo. I wasn’t nervous about performing in terms of sexually, but I was nervous about being on camera for the first time, and not knowing everything about lighting and turning toward the camera and how technical it is to look your best for the audience. My husband and I are both swingers, so I’m a total exhibitionist.

L.A. Direct News: How did you pick your name?
Siri: I chose this stage name in summer 2011 and began devising a plan to get into the industry. I’m of Scandinavian descent and Siri is short for Sigrid, which is a fairly common name in Scandinavian countries such as Sweden and Norway.

L.A. Direct News: When did you join L.A. Direct Models?
Siri: In January 2012, my husband and I packed everything we could fit into our car and drove from Dallas to Vegas for the AVN Awards. We wanted to make contacts and introduce me to the industry as a new performer. We then drove to L.A. and I was invited to meet with Derek, which was fantastic. I signed with the Agency, moved into an apartment and was ready to start working right away.

L.A. Direct News: What’s your favorite scene that you’ve done so far?
Siri: It hasn’t been released yet, but it’s with Brazzers. They flew me to Vegas to shoot with Ramon Nomar, who’s fun to work with. It was a very fun set up for the scene: we were actors demonstrating a certain technique to an acting class, then we just couldn’t help but get into each other sexually, and it was really awesome having sex in costume among the set pieces.

L.A. Direct News: Did you have any reservations about performing on camera ?
Siri: Actually it’s not that much different from going to a swinger party or lifestyle club. My husband is my biggest fan and loves seeing me enjoy myself sexually with other partners, whether live or on camera.

L.A. Direct News:Tell us about the new release you have coming out from New Sensations. We understand you’re on the cover?
Siri: Yes, I’m super excited about it, it’s coming out April 16th. ”Big Girls Are Sexy” is the title. It was also with Ramon, but this was the first scene I shot with him. I was totally thrilled that New Sensations chose me for the cover. The director told me on the set that I may be on the cover because he really liked the pictures we shot. There was no guarantee but there I am, and I love it.

L.A. Direct News: Is the adult industry everything you thought it would be?
Siri: It is, it absolutely is. I got into this industry for the long term. I didn’t come in with any set ideas of what I would be doing or how fulfilling it would be. Everybody has been kind and respectful, I’m really having a great time and I have no reservations about my future.

L.A. Direct News: What would be your “dream scene” to do?
Siri: OMG I don’t even know how to start answering that. It would be a crazy orgy scene, for sure. I’d like to have fun with it and be working with lots of talented  performers.

L.A. Direct Models: What are your goals in the adult industry?
Siri: To develop a long-term career doing what I love. I intend to make a name for myself in the industry and to be around for many, many years. Very soon I want to be making feature-length films and I can’t wait to do XXX parodies. I acted in high school and college and I love performing. I don’t shy away from delivering dialogue and I hope to demonstrate my full range of talents.

L.A. Direct News: What is your website?
Siri: www.siripornstar.com, which I’ve created as a blog with links to scenes available online, and I frequently add photos. I try to interact with my fans as much as possible and there’s no membership required nor paid content.

L.A. Direct News: Where can people follow you?
Siri: on Twitter @SiriPornStar and on Facebook at username OfficialSiriPornStar. I receive posted fan mail through L.A. Direct and via email at FanMail@SiriPornStar.com.

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