Male Performer Ryan Mclane Launching Clothing Line

Male performer Ryan Mclane is launching his clothing line, Legend By Mclane on Black Friday, Nov. 25. The entrepreneurial performer’s first collection features porn stars Brooke Haven and Kiara Diane.

Both Haven’s and Diane’s apparel mixes Mclane’s designs with current trendy styles and fits that coincide with the ever-popular vintage look.

Legend By Mclane doesn’t just feature clothing with porn stars on it; there are multiple items featuring Mclane’s artwork brought to life.

“When I first started putting the line together I had two guidelines that I strictly adhered to: first, don’t just do something extreme, for the sake of doing something extreme,” Mclane told AVN. “You have to make sure that it works and looks cool. I’m always trying to find the balance of doing something edgy, but without it being too busy. My second and most important rule was fit and feel. Women will wear anything as long as they like the fit and as long as it is soft. I see people all the time pumping out t-shirts that may have a bad ass design but it’s printed on a shirt that you can get for two dollars downtown. Who wants to wear something that’s not comfortable?”

Mclane launched the company with no partners or investors preferring to do things his way.

The initial line by Legend will be released on LegendByMclane.com.

“The second line is already through the design phase and it’s going to be amazing,” Mclane said.

The second release features up-and-coming porn star Kortney Kane.

“Kortney Kane leaves me breatheless,” Mclane said. “I can promise her fans that they won’t be disappointed with what Legend By Mclane will be offering in regards to Miss Kane.”

Mclane is a among a newer crop of prominent male performers. He’s been featured as Howard Stern in the Official Howard Stern Parody (Third Degree) and Official Basic Instinct Parody and Official Psycho Parody (Zero Tolerance). He’s represented by LA Direct Models.

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