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Topanga Fox

Topanga Fox

Ha! It actually worked, referring back to my previous article, by typing Topanga Fox into google it would bring up a bunch of results with my old OLD post being in at number 9.

The relevance of keywords based on the context it was used has pushed it to the number 1 result.

Okay so what’s the big deal and how does that help? Well simple. The point behind googles keyword search is to give preference over poorly programmed pages and non relevant material. Since most people have the adult filter on google turned on by default, google will then look into the appearance and relevance. Now you may ask why Topanga’s profile doesn’t she. Well, again, LA Direct Models is adult related. What’s different here is that this is a news site and that wordpress has been written to have keyword searches in mind.

So for all you peeps out in the world that has hidden text with every girls name on it, remember, that trick does not work as well if you do not have keywords throughout your site making it relevant.

Of course you can skip all this nonsense and just pay to have keywords! 😛

Note: How long i stay at number 1 is a WHOLE new ball game!!!



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