It’s time for you people to get to know Brooklyn Lee. She’s got a righteous body (especially in the boobal areas), she fucks like a goddamned champ (especially in the ass-like areas) and most importantly, she gets did by both Marco Banderas and Dane Cross in the upcoming Official Revenge of the Nerds Parody (which I don’t believe we’ve spoken about on this site as of yet).

Anyway, I had been trying for months to score an interview with Brooklyn, but seeing as how she’s the next big thing in porno, I was having a rough time. Either she was busy shooting porno or doing other interviews or I was busy editing porno and asking people for food and money. We just couldn’t connect. Then, a week or so back, I happened to end up sitting next to her on a flight from Jacksonville to Little Rock. Dumb luck!

So heck. Here’s what we talked about. I decided to add some stage directions into the interview to make it more dramatic. But everything Brooklyn says is real, as were all of the interview questions. Just wanted to spice it up a little bit, you know?

If anyone out there wants to act it out as though it were a one-act play or something, I’m sure we could give you some sort of prize. Send us a video. Honestly. If nothing else, we’ll probably put it on our site.

See the full interview @ www.PopPorn.com

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