12 Questions with Jayden Lee

L.A. Direct News sits down with the sexy Asian Starlet Jayden Lee, and talk with her about her career in the adult industry, and the pitfalls that can happen to you when you use fruit and vegetables on a set.

L.A. Direct News: How did you start in the industry?
Jayden Lee: I started really recently in 2011, I’ve already made over 40 scenes. My first scene was in Miami for Reality Kings, it was really nervous of course since it was my first shoot, but after shooting the stills, I relaxed and eased into it, and I’ve been loving it ever since.

L.A. Direct NewsWhat did you do before you got into the adult industry?
Jayden LeeI was modeling and dancing, import modeling and different shoots for photographers, nothing really hardcore, more soft core and implied nudity work.

L.A. Direct NewsWhen did you join LA Direct Models?
Jayden LeeI joined L.A. Direct Models about a week ago.

L.A. Direct NewsWhat kind of scenes do you like to do?
Jayden Leehardcore and romance, I love kissing, it’s sexy. I like doing gonzo scenes, like my work at Mofo’s and Reality Kings, but I would love to work on features as well. I also have a wild side, I’d like to crazy scenes. I haven’t done bondage yet, but I’m looking forward to it.

L.A. Direct NewsDo you have a favorite performer to work with?
Jayden LeeI like working with everybody, I like both g/g and b/g scenes, and I’ve done an orgy scene. I like working on coasts, it all depends on the production company, and the vibe on the set.

L.A. Direct NewsWhat are your goals in porn?
Jayden LeeTen years from now, I’d like to still be in the business. I’d like to direct one day as well, and maybe even start my own production company, and transition into mainstream work as well.

L.A. Direct NewsAny memorable events on a set so far?
Jayden LeeOMG there was a scene. I did a scene for Seymore Butts with Mr. Pete, it was a rim job scene. In the scene, we were making guacamole, and they stuck a tomato up my butt, and it got stuck in there.
I had to squat down and eventually it fell out, I was scared, I mean OMG there’s a tomato in my butt LOL
So girls, be carefully with fruits and vegetables in a scene.

L.A. Direct NewsDo you think roles are opening up more for ethnic performers, or do we still have a way to go for that to happen?
Jayden LeeIt really depends on the person. If they’re a good performer, no matter what their race is, they should succeed.

L.A. Direct NewsWhat do you go in your spare time?
Jayden LeeI like to go shopping, go to movies, hang out with friends. I don’t party at clubs, I’m more of a home body.

L.A. Direct NewsWhen did you first watch porn? or Do you watch porn at all?
Jayden LeeI just recently started watching porn when I entered the industry. I actually prefer to watch it live in person, and not on the Internet.

L.A. Direct NewsWhat is your site?
Jayden Leejaydenleexxx.com that is coming soon
Includes original content, webcam, a member section, original photos
special requests for fans/members, a shopping cart, and of course an Amazon wish list.

L.A. Direct NewsWhere can people follow you?
Jayden Leetwitter jaydenleexxx

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