12 Questions with Emily B

Beautiful Busty British Import Emily B sits down with us at L.A. Direct News to tell us about her career in the adult film industry

LA Direct News: When did you start in the industry?
Emily B: I started in 2010, so for two years now

LA Direct News: What did you do before you starting performing?
Emily B: I performed on pay channels in the U.K. I also worked for such companies as Bluebird TV, and Red Light. My real start was in pay per view sites

LA Direct News: Do you have any regrets about getting into porn?
Emily B: Oh God, absolutely not, I really enjoy everything that I’ve done, and I’ve met some very lovely people in porn
The kind of scenes I’ve performed in have been girl/girl, but I prefer the boy/girl scenes. It’s really really been a wonderful experience, I couldn’t be happier

LA Direct News: What is your most memorable event on a set?
Emily B: Well, let me think, I was working for Brazzers one day, it was a pretty hot scene, and I squirted all over the camera. LOL I’m really not much of a squirter, so it was a big surprise that I did that. I’d say that was pretty memorable

LA Direct News: Who are your favorite performers to work with?
Emily B: Kieran Lee, he’s a good friend of mine, off camera as well. I also liked working with the incredible Eric Everhard

LA Direct News: What are your goals in porn?
Emily B: I want to be well known performer, and do good work that the fans and critics love

LA Direct News: When did you join L.A. Direct Models?
Emily B: Just one month ago. I’ve got another month here in the states, then I’m back to London

LA Direct News: When you get back to London, will you work there?
Emily B: Oh God yes. Some of the companies I’m sure I’ll be working for would be, killergram.com, Twistys, Bluebird Films, and Playboy

LA Direct News: Tell us about your site?
Emily B: It’s going to be launched soon; www.emilybxxx.com
I’ll be shooting more content soon, totally my own content with a lot of girl/girl scenes with my best mates in England. Also there will be boy/girl scenes, a shopping cart with my signed personal items, and my Amazon wish list So please come check it out

LA Direct News: Do you get recognized a lot?
Emily B: Yes, but more so in the U.K. Guys will follow me and when they come up to me they’re a bit nervous or shy but I always greet them with a smile and I always take the time to say hi to my fans, I appreciate my fans

LA Direct News: Do you notice a difference between filming here, as to filming overseas?
Emily B: I like filming both here, and in the U.K. There’s really not a big difference. In America they take it more seriously, and there’s seem to be a bigger market here in the states for adult films

LA Direct News: Where can people follow you?
Emily B: Keep watching me, and follow me on twitter; /EmilyB_Official

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