12 Questions with Angelina Valentine

L.A. Direct News sits down with the beautiful, sexy, and wild Angelina Valentine, and discovers what makes the girl one of the most sought after and loved and sometimes misunderstood performers in the industry today. Angelina sets the record straight for us, and reveals some interesting past secrets.

L.A. Direct News: When did you start in the adult industry?
Angelina: 2007 My first scene was for Pistol Whip, for one of my all time favorite guys to work with; Justice Young. It was barefoot manics, I knew what to do, and I came into this industry ready to work.
L.A. Direct News: What’s been your most memorable scene that you’ve done so far?
Angelina: Wow, I’d have to say my memorable scene so far was with Kimber James, we have alot of chemistry with each other on and off camera, and the scene looks really good. It’s something that alot of performers may not do, and I’m someone who, when someone says don’t do that, I do that. I’m very confident in who I am and what I do as a performer, and this was definitely a life changing experience. alot of girls won’t work with a transsexual performer, but I have absolutely no problem with that. I’m very flexible and I have no hesitation with working with a transsexual performer.
L.A. Direct News: You’ve been called one of porn’s “wild child”, are you really a wild girl off and on camera?
Angelina: You’re God Damn right I am LOL I’m not really wild off camera like being having sex with civilians, I can’t take that risk, but on camera, Wow look out, here I come. alot of civilians don’t know how to please me, so I don’t bother.
L.A. Direct News: What’s the craziest thing you’ve done sexually?
Angelina: OMG WOW where Do I begin? Off camera: I totally made an ex boyfriend one time do it with another guy while I watched and masturbated, this was while I was in college. On camera: The craziest thing I did on camera was a tranny gangbang. What I’m just being real. One time I fucked the guy who owned the house we were shooting at. This was in the beginning of my career when I didn’t know you weren’t supposed to do that. It wasn’t good either, and he was pretty small. I’m a size queen, I love BIG dicks. I know everybody thinks of me as the wild girl, but I’ve really been working on myself and have mellowed out alot. I’ve grown up and I feel I’m more mature and stable now. I still have fun, but I know you can’t be wild all the time, it’s all about control.

L.A. Direct News: What’s your favorite kind of scene?
Angelina: I love cream pie scenes, put it in the hole and let it simmer in there. I love a scene that has real hardcore action and passion in it. I don’t fake my orgasms, they’re real.
L.A. Direct News: Do you like doing Girl/Girl Scenes?
Angelina: I like girl/girl scenes, but, I do like to know the girl real well first. Hygiene is really important to me, so I expect the girl , or guy to have good hygiene as well. I like shaved pussies, no hairy bush for me please LOL
L.A. Direct News: Who’s your favorite performer and director to work with?
Angelina: Chris Stream, I love working for my webmaster Nicky Millio, he’s ‘da bomb. I love working for Brazzers. Call me guys I’d love to work for you again real soon. Dan Peterson my personal photographer, he’s helping me get pictures ready for my upcoming fan magazine.
L.A. Direct News: What’s your favorite store to shop for clothes and accessories at?
Angelina: Bizzy B in Hollywood of course! I love that place. I can’t say how much money I spend there every month, but, it’s alot. I love Beatrice, and her store is simply amazing.
L.A. Direct News: We hear your an animal rights activist, tell us more about how your active with that?
Angelina: I love animals and I’m a member of PETA, I volunteer every month at the local animal shelter. I grew up on a farm, so I got my love of animals there.
L.A. Direct News: What does Angelina like to do in her spare time?
Angelina: I love to go on hikes with my dogs, I like to go out outdoors, bike riding, I’m a country girl. I’m a home body, so I like staying at home and staying low key.

L.A. Direct News: What is your website?
Angelina: www.angelinavalentine.com
L.A. Direct News: Where can people follow you?
Angelina: Twitter/angelinaval666
and I have a Face book Fan page as well

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