Topanga Fox and stats

Topanga Fox - Savanah Gold

Topanga Fox - Savanah Gold

Okay so this is completely pointless but its interesting. I was breezing through the stats and noticed that the most searched words (or phrase) that brings direct traffic to LA Direct News is Topanga Fox.

Sure enough, i’m off being a nosy c**t and did a search in Google and low and behold….. We’re number 9 in the results!!! Well okay that’s not exactly exciting news, but what is interesting about it is how does searching for your favorite pornstar really help?

It seams that keywords are essential to this sooo…. this pointless article will serve as a test to see how fast it gets into Google and/or Yahoo. With any luck, all you people who DON’T know Topanga or have never shot her before will say, hmmmmmmmm maybe we should give her a shot! I already have and it was a good scene!

And for the last time, shes NOT SAVANAH GOLD! geeze…. She don’t even sound anything like her!

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