Siri Is Newcomer of the Year

The MissFreeones competition ended over the weekend, and hugely popular MILF porn star won the whole ball of wax. It’s quite an achievement considering Vicky is almost 47 years old.

Another interesting category, though, was Newcomer of the Year. It’s interesting because the winner, Siri, is probably not everyone’s cup of tea. Perhaps this explains it: She’s on the box cover of a DVD that came out recently called Big Girls Are Sexy. If you expect that a category like Newcomer of the Year is bound to be won by a common-denominator girl — say, a generic blonde with six-pack abs and big fake boobs — you’d be pretty wrong. Siri may be blonde, but she is curvy all over, 100 percent natural. There’s a lot of her to love, and surely some guys out there would say there is too much — to each his own.

We will say this. Whether you like “big girls” or not — and let’s be clear, she’s not obese, she’s just ample, supposedly 40HH-29-38 — you have to admit that Siri is an uncommonly pretty porn star. Check out the pictures below, pilfered from her Instagram postings (via @SiriPornStar, which you should follow, it’s entertaining) — it seems a quaint word to use about someone in her line of work, but she is just really, really pretty in our estimation.

Golly gee.

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