Simon Says goodbye!

So after 3 years of service, I finally hang up my coat here at LA Direct Models. It’s been 3 years of of ups and downs and it has been fun.

For those who are wondering, no im not opening my own bloody agency! Geeze! U think after 3 years ive learnt one thing and thats not to open an agency! hehehehe!

But I will still be around. Lots of personal stuff to sort out and then back to work on various new things.

To everyone ive worked with at LA Direct Models both staff and clients, its been a good time. You peeps will still see me when i make special appearances when Derek cant figure out where the power button is on a printer or someone cant put toner into the copier.

To everyone else, my clone will be replacing me at the end of the month.

So on that note, i serve one last day and after, im going to bed!!

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