Reality Kings New Cancelation/Lateness Policy

We received the below email from staff at Reality Kings and would like to commend them for their efforts to encourage professionalism amongst performers and agencies alike.  Direct Models was the first agency to to implement such  a cancelation/lateness policy over 10 years ago whereby a cancelation fee is paid by the model, to the producer in the event of a short notice cancelation. 
In fairness and equality, we have always also expected producers to pay a model the same cancelation fee when models are canceled upon themselves with short notice. 
Unfortunately many agencies have not followed suit in implementing these policies, and offer producers no compensation when their models show up late, cancel on short notice, or flake a shoot.  Frequent cancelations and lateness are greatly detrimental to our business. Cancelations and lateness cost the industry jobs, and perhaps tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in ruined shoots and lost productivity 
Unfortunately, many producers and agencies in our industry do not hold performers accountable for lateness or cancelations.  In many cases they outright refuse to penalize a model who destroys a shoot by canceling last minute or being significantly late.  In some cases models are even rewarded by being re-booked by the company for a later date regardless of how flagrant the cancelation. 
The adult film industry is perhaps the only industry in which it is considered OK to be consistently late or to cancel last minute.
This would not be acceptable in any other industry.
Direct Models has always offered producers the option to deduct $50 per half hour when a performer is significantly late.  We also have always offered a cancelation fee (production damage fee  or ‘PDF’) to producers when models cancel 6pm or later the night before the shoot, or the day of the shoot. 
Not forgetting that this equally applies to models when producers cancel upon them for their loss of work and income is just the same, and a great many of our models appreciate this.
We believe in holding all of those involved in our industry to a higher standard of ethics, accountability, and professionalism and that this is beneficial for all. 
A reduction in losses for a producer is no different than an increase in profits for a producer and can only result in a trickle down benefit for talent.
We encourage more producers to take such a stance to deter irresponsible and unprofessional behavior in our industry, and applaud such position as Reality Kings has chosen to implement here.
Good Afternoon, 
Moving forward we will implementing the following industry standards:
LATE FEES: We will be offering a 30min grace period anything after that a $50 per half hour fee will apply. This fee will be deducted from the talents paycheck on the day of the shoot. 
A $200 production damage fee will be billed to the agency representing the model we booked through them when models cancel or simply flake the morning of a shoot.  If we have to send a model home the day of the shoot do to major acne scars, bruising, styes, skin conditions, stds, improper identification or any other situation that could have been prevented  the same fee will apply. If you cancel the model the day before the shoot by the end of the business day 5pm this fee will not apply.
Please forward valid 14 day test and 2ids (3ids if the model is 18. 19 years old) to confirm this booking. I will not be allowed to accept models testing the day before the shoot. If the model does not have a valid test readily available by noon the day before the shoot date they will be cancelled and replaced. Obviously unless special circumstances are agreed apon in advance. Acceptable forms of id: state driver license, state identification card, USA passport, USA military identification card, social security card(may not be laminated), original issued birth certificate. No copies of any of these documents will be accepted as forms of identification, they must be original documents. note: a passport and a passport card are the same form of id. they are not considered 2 different forms of id.
By accepting this booking you agree to the above terms. I thank you in advance for your  professionalism and look forward to working together.
Thank you for your time. If you have any feedback for me as to information required or needed from your agency when booking please let me know and I will put forth my best effort to make things run smooth.

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