Public Information Re: ChristianXXX

Hi Direct Models:

In light of public comments made by parties wholly uninvolved, but seemingly with an agenda of their own and in which they attempt to distort the meaning and intention of the message below re; ChristianXXX, we offer a slightly revised version for the clarity of our studio clients and interested parties.

We would like to ask all of you to please refrain from ‘re-tweeting’  tweets from ChristianXXX which mention you or scenes that you are in.

Christian does not tweet these things because he is just being supportive.  Christian tweets these things because he derives income for himself from the companies he is tweeting about , when your followers click on his link to those company sites.

You, as a model, don’t receive any of this revenue.  So re-tweeting things on behalf of ChristianXXX means making money for Christian from your followers when you re-tweet them and your followers click the links.

We do not recommend or support this and believe when your followers are ‘” tweeted ‘’ in support or promotion of your work, it should benefit you and the studios that employ you – not Christian.

If the studios tweet you, –  then by all means – ‘re tweet’ in support of them if you choose to, – not Christian.

Christian employs no one.

Thank you.

LA Direct News

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