Prince Yahshua Launches Membership Site

Prince Yahshua is continuing his remarkable adult industry comeback, launching his first official membership website at PrinceYahshua.com today.

The online destination for porn’s Black Assassin contains some of Yahshua’s top sex scenes from recent years as well as new web-exclusive performances with some of his favorite co-stars. In addition, the CEO of Silverback Entertainment who is the reigning, back-to-back Urban X Performer of the Year for the first time will include a personal blog that will include day-in-the-life chronicles of his adventures in the business.

“I think the joy of this one is that with this site it’s just me, it’s not me and anybody else. I’ve finally taken the step to just make it about me,” Yahshua told XBIZ. “I wanted the fans to really have the full representation of the true Black Assassin that they’ve always known.”

Yahshua, a native of Chicago who has climbed to the top of industry since his debut seven years ago, is nearing the end of his first full year back from a career-threatening injury in August 2010, when he suffered a torn urethra — or “broken penis” — in a freak accident mid-scene. His doctor at first suggested he may not ever be able perform professionally again, let alone return to the high level he maintained before being sidelined.

That the site has come to fruition is symbolic of the comeback.

“What I feel this site is going to give you is the super hardcore action that you’ve known and expected from me for the last seven years,” Yahshua explained.

“And the most important part this takes me back to the first day I got off the plane in California, and sat in the office and they asked me, ‘Prince, what are you going to bring to the table that other guys haven’t?’ And I said, “Raw, hardcore sex mixed with passion.’

“And I remember everybody at the table laughed. Seven years later, none of those gentlemen that laughed are here today, but I’m still standing, and I got the last laugh.”

Yahshua said that he not taken anything about his seven-year run for granted.

“It’s been a lot of hard fucking work and dedication,” he said. “The biggest thing that sets the elite guys apart from the guys that are just biding their time is that I chose to take this on as my chosen profession. This is not a hobby of mine, this is what took me off the corner selling drugs and afforded me the fabulous life I’m living now. I’m honored by it and flattered at the same time. I’m still a fan of porn after seven years, so it’s a humbling situation.”

With the site rollout, Yahshua pointed to a few of the showcase scenes he produced especially for the launch.

“The one I did with Lisa Ann is very special,” he said. “And the one I did with Jayden Jaymes may be the greatest web shit in the fucking world.”

Then there is Yahshua’s showdown with Angelina Castro, who flew in from Florida for a scene after more than a three-year buildup in which the two talked about getting together.

“She’s an aggressive performer just as I am,” Yahshua continued. “When we got on set and the camera was on, this beast of a woman got out that took all of us by surprise. A challenge got issued and none of us knew what was about to happen. When it finally did it was unbelievable. … All the scenes are great to me. I’m a spoiled fuckin’ brat when it comes to my own shit.”

Yahshua credited L.A. Direct Models, the agency he signed with earlier this year, with elevating his career and creating new opportunities.

“When I say that Derek Hay and Mike Moz have been some great people to come into my life it’s an understatement,” he said. “My work schedule went from already being full to now just being super fuckin’ hectic.”

Yahshua has extended his reach, working for the first time for companies such as Reality Kings and Adam & Eve.

“I just worked for them and director Skye Blue, I absolutely love her,” Yahshua said, adding that he performed with Jessica Bangkok in a challenging outdoor scene. “And the executive producer [Meredith Christopher], I hit it off with her from the moment I got on the set. I really believe there will be some really cool stuff in the near future for Adam & Eve.”

The performer also said he enjoyed working with Reality Kings director Greg Lansky, calling him “fucking terrific,” and Evil Angel shooter Raul Cristian, the owner of Cruel Media and LiveGonzo.com.

“Greg, I can’t even describe how cool this guy is,” he said. “And Raul Cristian, oh my God, I just worked for him last week for Live Gonzo and me and Angelina Valentine killed it.

“We shot it at Chris Streams’ house, and to Chris Streams, I would like to say I’m sorry for breaking your chandelier. I was doing a high-profile move, picking up the girl up and spinning her around, and I actually broke Chris’s chandelier in his house.”

Meanwhile, Yahshua referred to Seymore Butts as his new “surrogate porn father.”

“With the passing of my original porn father John Leslie [in 2010] — God rest his soul — Seymore has now been a surrogate stepfather to me. I love the dude to death and I know the feeling is mutual.

“What kid hasn’t jacked off to a Seymore Butts movie?”

Yahshua began working for Butts, who started directing again after a three-year hiatus in July, after the veteran shooter congratulated him for his Urban X Award on Twitter.

“I didn’t believe it was him,” Yahshua said of his first reaction to getting a tweet from Butts. “Now we’re doing a lot of damage for each other.”

Yahshua’s next project is a blowjob site that he’ll produce and star in called InYaMouth.com, which will be unveiled in February.

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