Phoenix Marie website launches

Premium Cash, LA Direct Models and Phoenix Marie are proud to announce the arrival of Phoenix Marie’s official website!

Built on various exclusive content and other things, Phoenix is going to show the world what makes her so popular! So if your wondering what all the fuss is about, head over and have a look! Click Here to see the Site

I woke Phoenix up to ask her about the site. Apart from the Uggs and args cause it was early (pffff 10am early!)

“Well it’s been a long time. Got pushed back, but it’s up! SO GO TO MY WEBSITE!!!” says Phoenix followed by a barrage of non website related banta!

“Is she on the table at the Lemp house??!?” says Derek Hay – you can also book the Lemp house for your next shoot as well, but try not to climb on the table!

Anyway, go have a look! Click Here to see the Site

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