I sure love the internet. I really don’t understand how people ever lived without it. I mean, I was well into my teens before internets were a common household intangible item, so I know that we all somehow lived without it for a long time, but honestly i don’t know how. I use the internet to do my banking, to do the bulk of my shopping, to talk to my “friends” (which are an electronic version of actual friends), to “like” things (really, the digitization of human emotion is the most mind-blowing idea I’ve encountered in years), but more than anything else, I, like thousands of others, spend a lot of my internet time satisfying my basic sexual urges. I also enjoy video games.

And that’s why I’d feel remiss in my duties as a smut-blogger if I didn’t pass on this video I came across of alt-porn favorite Misti Dawn playing some Xbox game in the nude.

Watch, it’s fun, and she’s got Captain America’s shield on her wall! Twice!

Sure, it’s not entirely pornographic. It might even qualify for an R-rating in some circles. But watching Misti play her motion-controlled video game in the nude while her supple juggs bounce to and fro with each movement just warms my heart. It’s the sort of thing that just makes my day a little bit brighter.

In fact, even though it’s a few days early, I’m going to go ahead and consider this my first official Xmas gift. A special gift from Misti Dawn to me. Or, if I may be so bold, I’m going to consider this a special gift from the internet to the world. Free nudity. Something you could whack off to, without searching too hard or paying any dollars. When I was young, without the internet, a fellow had to be pretty fucking sneaky to see a little bit of bush. But that’s not the case these days. A few minutes alone with a computer and a handy “private browsing” or “clear history” button is all anyone will need.

Thank you, Internet. Thank you, Misti. You have truly awe-inspiring zoobs. And we love watching you fuck guys.

P.S. I also found this video of ALF outtakes. It’s pretty funny for a while, but then there’s a part where ALF starts shouting a bunch of racial slurs. That part’s a little rough, but the rest is…well, it’s ALF. You know how I feel about ALF.

P.S.2. Xmas is only a few days away (spelled with an “X” instead of with a “Christ” because we’re pornographers, not Christians). If there’s anything special we could do for you, please don’t hesitate to ask. We don’t have unlimited resources and we don’t like to spend a lot of energy doing anything, so don’t expect any miracles. But, y’know, if you want us to post pictures of our balls or make a video of us reading this week’s comics aloud or anything, we could probably arrange that.

Merry fuckbones!

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