LATATA raises $3408 for AIM

Last nights party “This is our Industry” was a storming success with a total of $3408 raised for AIM health care. Unfortunately i was stuck on the red carpet rope so never actually saw inside. Judging by the hangover faces here and phones calls of IM GONNA BE LATE, i think it was probably one heck of a party!

A huge thanks goes to King Ryan events who promoted and helped manage the event with the assistance of Mark. We’d also like to thank Les Deux for the club and providing the extra staffing for the event. I’d also like to thank the agencies for making an appearance, of course, id like to thank the industry for turning up, especially NON talent members of public for attending this event and donating to a worthy cause, who else… Oooh i’d like to thank Andy from Private Dancer Magazine who has kindly let us use interviews that they had shot at the event, much appreciated!

Stay tuned for more events that will be happening in the near future! This was certainly not the last.


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