Jenna Presley Wins on the ‘Howard Stern Show’

Jenna Presley has won $5,000 wile playing the Dumber Than a Box of Rocks on the “Howard Stern Show.”

As Stern asked her and two other porn stars questions, whenever they didn’t know the answer they had to say, “I’m dumber than a box of rocks.”

Along with the other contestants, Presley fumbled with the first question, which was what the “D.C.” in “Washington, D.C.” stands for. She knew more than her competitors, letting Stern know that the president lives there.

Presley also knew that a pickle is made from a cucumber and almost got the location of Tiananmen Square correct (she guessed Japan), but it was her knowledge of who invented the telephone — Alexander Bell — that put her over the top.

For those who missed the show, click here. For a full snopsis of the Dumber Than a Box of Rocks segment, click here.

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