Harmony says goodbye!

After many years of being in the business, Harmony Rose has finally hung up her G-String to pursue a career in paramedics. Studying in some state in the US, she is busy figuring out what happens when you electrocute someone who just clocked it!

Harmony came into the biz with partner in crime Tory Lane and have enjoyed over 6 something years in the industry. She has shot for just about every company I can think of including that crazy bastard Porno Dan (which is going to be tomorrow LIVE, dear god help us all indeed!!!). I’ve a funny feeling im not gonna be able to get out of bed wednesday morning :S I have no idea if we are gonna have any pictures or video, but im pretty sure stuff is going to come bobbling up on twitter, myspace or something else.

So to wrap this all up, here is one last picture of Harmony for you to look at!!!


LA Direct News

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