CamZ daily webcam – Isis Monroe tonight!

IMG_0509In case anyone out there doesnt know, LA Direct Models and CamZ.com has teamed together to bring you a 1 hour daily webcam show. This has been running for 2 months with great success. We’ve had some funny moments like the 4 girl pyramid to Tory Lane prank calling people live!!

Tonight’s show will be 19yr Isis Monroe (who’s birthday is 01/01/1980 how f’ing cool is that). I have NO idea what’s going to happen in this show so you’ll just have to come and see it yourself!

Each show is an hour long and to watch the full show costs $10. Now a lot of you may say that’s a lot, but if you realize that people pay $1 – 5 a minute in other places your actually getting a deal!

So tune in tonight and watch Isis Monroe only on CamZ.com TONIGHT at 5pm PST

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