The astonishingly statuesque beauty, Jazy Berlin recently stopped by Hustler headquarters. We were lucky enough to pick her brain on everything from anal sex to cum accidents in the strip club.

Fist off, how did you come up with the name Jazy Berlin?
Jazy is a nickname that a girlfriend of mine gave to me that kind of stuck. Berlin, my mom gave me. I’m German, so my mom said Berlin is a cute name.

Where are the top 5 places you’ve had sex:
1. The beach. It’s a cliché, I know. But, must say I like it
2. Backstage at a concert. I not going to say which concert.
3. On top of a washing machine
4. In the bath. I really like bath sex!
5. Good-old-fashioned in the backseat of a car

Top 5 positions:
1. Reverse cowgirl
2. Doggie
3. Missionary
4. 69
5. Regular cowgirl

Top 5 excuses for anal:
1. “Just the tip”
2. “Lets see how it feels”
3. “I want to have a special experience together”
4. “You’re a porn star so what’s the big deal”
5. “Please, can I stick it in?”

Do you do anal?
A little bit in my personal life.

So, what line has actually worked on you?
Probably something like “Lets try a new thing tonight”. Or “Lets experiment”. My advice to approaching the subject is to start small, maybe your fingers or a little toy and get her comfortable that way. Then try to introduce your cock, just don’t jump right into it. That would terrify a girl who has never done anal before.

Top 5 cheesiest pick-up lines guys have actually used on you:
1. “You must be an angel because you fell from heaven.”
2. “Did you wash your pants in Windex, because I can see myself in them”
3. I think I’ve heard them all, I don’t really soak them in. I can’t really think of three more.

…a simple hello or “Can I buy you a drink?” works wonders. Honesty, is the best policy!

So, you’ve been a stripper in the past, what are the top 5 ways guys have tried to get you to have sex in the private dance area?
1. “There’s no cameras back here”
2. “I’ll tip you better”
3. “Other girls have done it”
4. “I’m good friends with the manager, he doesn’t care”
5. Again, “You’re a porn star, what do you care?”

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