Abby Lee Brazil, Megan Rain, and Rachele Richey appears on Howard Stern’s show

Abby Lee Brazil, Megan Rain, and Rachele Richey appears on Howard Stern’s show to play Dumber Than a Box of Rocks.

From XBIZ by Dan Miller

LOS ANGELES — Three rising stars on Tuesday competed in the latest edition of Howard Stern’s notorious game show “Dumber Than a Box of Rocks” and did not disappoint.

Abby Lee Brazil, Rachele Richey and Megan Rain entertained the famous shock jock and his millions of listeners on Sirius XM radio this morning with a brief but memorable in-studio appearance at the New York City headquarters of the “Howard Stern Show.”

In “Dumber Than a Box of Rocks,” the girls were quizzed on their general knowledge of history, politics and literature, among other random topics. And like previous installments of the game, if they got an answer wrong they had to say, “I’m dumber than a box of rocks.”

When it was over, it was Rain, an 18-year-old from California, who racked up 11 points for correct answers and won the $5,000 first prize; Brazil finished second with seven points, and Richey took third with three points. Both Brazil and Richey also won almost $550 each.

“The experience was really great and the show itself was really fun,” said Rain, who started her porn career last July and was visiting New York for the first time. “The crew was a lot of fun and Howard was hilarious.”

Brazil, still groggy from a transatlantic trip Monday, said, “It was really fun. I wish I knew more, but I’m so tired because I just flew in from Europe yesterday and had to run from one terminal to another.”

She said she gulped down espresso shots this morning to wake herself up for the show.

The 20-year-old, Texas native Richey revealed she had been a fan of Stern. “It was awesome. I was super excited to go on the show,” Richey said. “I listen to his radio station every now and then. The fans got to experience our silly side. This brought us out of our comfort zone a little bit because it was not just about sex or what we do for a living.”

Each of the girls received lavish gift bags that included roses dipped in 42K gold, bracelets and Affliction t-shirts just for coming on the show.

“We all got great prizes in general,” Richey said.

Brazil said this group of girls, who are all represented by L.A. Direct Models and part of theCherry Pimps network of sites, was chosen as contestants in part because of their easy-going rapport with each other.

“We all can make people laugh,” said Brazil, who admitted she was nervous before the show but after a few questions, “I was normal.”

“And we get along with each other too. They needed girls that interact well and have fun with each other and that can laugh at themselves.”

Indeed, all three proved to be good sports as they bumbled and fumbled their way through about 15 softball questions that actually were slightly less difficult than expected.

“The questions weren’t that hard, we’re literally just dumb as a box of rocks,” Richey joked, adding she mistakenly thought the Cold War involved Antarctica.

“It was stuff that we should know,” Brazil admitted. “It’s like when you study for a test and know the answers but when you sit down to take the test and the teacher is there all of a sudden you don’t know anything.”

The girls were asked brainteasers such as: What type of animal is a Clydesdale?; Who is the Vice President?; What kind of animal is “Moby Dick”?; Epidermis is another word for what?; What’s 50 percent of 30?; Where is your larynx?; and What does “sparse” mean?

None of the three girls knew what was the epidermis was or which two countries waged the Cold War.

But they don’t need to in this line of work. Brazil, a 25-year-old native of Brazil who just passed her one-year anniversary in porn, said she loves the adult industry, especially meeting new people.

“It feels good to have fans and know that people enjoy your job and actually care about what you do and appreciate it,” she said. “It feels good to be appreciated by your fans.”

Rain added, “I love the fans and porn is more of a business. Social media is a business because you start building this fan base and start being proud of your work as it gets better and better. Plus, the travel is great and people always have your back and take care of you.”

Richey, who is also just one year into her career, agreed. “In this business you get to express yourself and get to meet new people,” she said. “And I fucking love sex, what better way to make money?”


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